Our Mission: To support and empower families and communities striving to reach self-suffiency


What is C.A.S.I?

CASI = hope and a hand up. For more than four decades, Community Action of Southern Indiana has partnered with the Southern Indiana communities of Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties to build strong families.

C.A.S.I. was born out of former President Lyndon B Johnson’s War on Poverty that was declared in the Economic Opportunity Act of 1965. Since its very beginning our agency has offered crisis assistance, community outreach and development and linkage to needed services for low income families.

Over time, CASI has changed in response to new and unanticipated needs and circumstances of the Southern Indiana community. But one thing remains unchanged; after more than four (4) decades of providing for the poor, we have remained true to our original mission of empowering and supporting families and communities as they move toward the goal of economic security and self sufficiency.